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    HFM Task flow load balancing issue and long running time issue


      Hey Guys,


      In my environment, I have 2 HFM and FDMEE servers. I also have 2 different users - admin1 and admin2 servers as the taskflow creator.


      The issue I have is that the taskflows are taking longer and even though there was a taskflow getting executed on HFM1 server, it still kicked off another taskflow on HFM1 server and did not check for the load on HFM1 and then send it to HFM2 so that both the server resources are used more efficiently.

      For ex. I have the following 1,2,3,4 active taskflows in the active state


      and all the taskflows started on the 04 server (HFM2) and did not load balance to start 2 of them on HFM1 and as a result it is taking longer time to finish


      Any idea on how we can improve the overall time for the taskflow to complete?