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    Suite8 automated deployment options?

    Erwin van der Zon



      We have a challenge with a customer who is now using Suite 8.9 in a App-V environment.


      We're scheduling an update to 8.13.2.x so we need create an ini file per server/workstation with the encrypted password. (or is their a way to remove the encryption per computer and go back to the encrypted password per environment)?

      We have created an automated script for this using the v8_Client_Short_Cut.exe which works fine when the client is installed but the problem is we now looking for a solution to create the ini with the encrypted password without the Oracle requirement.


      Does anybody has an idea how we can create this ini file during boot/deployment of the server/workstation or can development remove the requirement for the HKLM\Software\Oracle registry key?


      Hope somebody has a solution for this, can imagine that more bigger customers where Suite8 is used and needs to be deployed automatically.