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    Using SVN - Incoming Changes not updating/showing or taking much too long?




      Using SDDM 18.4 (64-bit) on Windows 10.


      We have a design that is checked into a SVN repository.  We need to be able to work on it collaboratively.


      The problem we are facing is that each user has a copy checked out and works on it, but even though I know that my co-worker has made and committed changes, I cannot update my working copy as it does not show any "Incoming Changes" in the "Pending Changes" window.


      We have seen this working and hence felt confident to work like this.


      I have tested by using an external SVN client (Tortoise-SVN) to just compare my working copy to the repository.  It sees the differences, so there are definitely commits made to the repository that I should be able to get.


      I have not made any updates/commits outside of SDDM.


      (The "Outgoing Changes" seem to function as expected and every time once I save the Design loaded in SDDM.)


      Any insights/thoughts on how we can get to the reason/resolution of "Incoming Changes" not showing up (or showing up in reasonable time)?


      Thank you.