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    Applying '$ off' vouchers through Responsys




      Working with a customer.


      There is a big disparity on spend behaviour across their base, and the marketing team wants to send an eDM with a specific voucher value that reflects the value (current and potential) of the customer i.e. high value voucher for customers they know they have a low market share with, no voucher to low category spenders. it's a first attempt at an anniversary loyalty communication and they have generally not undertaken these communications for a couple of key reasons:


      1. They want to ensure only the customer assigned to the voucher can use it (i.e. not being passed around)

      2. They want to ensure used voucher codes will be suppressed / can be used only once.


      Client is wondering how Responsys could work / support them in terms of supporting them in this endeavour.


      All insights / examples valued.


      Thanks in advance