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    Advice for Configuring iProcurement for Catalog Requisitions

    Mat Martini

      Our Business has a desire to centralize their requisition processes through the iProcurement screens; primarily because of user experience of HTML versus Core Forms.


      The business is currently in a transition period where we are beginning the analysis and preparations for an upgrade from 12.1.3 to 12.2.9; so we are looking to explore the possibility of moving to iProcurement for all Requisitioning as part of this upgrade.


      I have taken the liberty of reading iProcurement User Guides, Release Notes etc. and whilst I'm of the opinion that it is possible to do this; there are a lot of elements that are very vague; so I'm looking to see if there are other businesses in the community who have done this, or who have attempted to and failed for any reason.


      Specifically, I'm looking for answers.suggestions to a couple of immediate questions:


      • Is there a way to restrict items available for search in the Main Store by Organization?
      • Can the UI be tailored to organize catalog items by type, or purchasing category, or supplier? such as a Punch-out?
      • Are there any limitations to using iProcurement if the Catalog items in question are not associated with a BPA?
      • Are there any limitations to what item information can be presented through iProcurement for Cataloged Items?


      Beyond these points, any general suggestions or guidance on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


      NOTE: As a reminder; we are looking to Upgrade to 12.2.9 in the coming 18 months or so, so our interest is in exploring this solution under the newer releases of Oracle; not 12.1


      Thanks and Regards