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    Tips for finding responsibility

    Jake Stark

      Is there a sure fire way to find out what responsibility a user is currently in when viewing a self service page? It seems that some pages list the responsibility at the top, others just list the module, and still others just say Oracle.


      For example, say I am a help desk employee. A user calls with a question and typically accesses the page they are having an issue in through a favorite. How could I determine which responsibility they are using so that I can properly route their question?

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          I don't think there is easily so that the users can tell you (without personalizing every page) however what you could do is develop a helpdesk screen which looks at the icx_sessions table (latest row for each user as there may be multiples). As a user navigates around SelfService it is updated with the responsibility_id/application_id according to where they are. The function_id can be linked to fnd_functions to determine the page they are on.