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    Pin reports disappear SQL Dev




      I've seen there has been messages about the (red) pin not working in SQL Dev also some time ago. Now I experience next:


      1. no report open

      2. open report: pin appears and works

      3. open another report, pin is not shown, but if I click on where it should be it appears "pinned"


      So the icon is disappearing.

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          Glen Conway

          That is not generally the case in 19.1 -- it must be an issue with your environment.  As far as I know, the only preferences to control pinning are:

          1) Code Editor -> Autopin PL/SQL editors

          2) Database -> Object Viewer -> Automatically Freeze Object Viewer Windows

          but nothing specifically for View -> Reports.


          I actually did a quick check using both Oracle and Window LAF (just in case):


          I pinned the All Objects report, then ran Dependencies.  The Pin icon displays fine.

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            Hi Glen,

            Thanks for the reply. Indeed what you described worked fine for me too.


            However I have a bunch of User Defined Reports, some simple queries, some with child report. Also some create link that I can click using the SQLDEV:LINK.  The issue of the pin disappearing occurs for my User Defined reports.


            Any guess here?


            Regards, Herman

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              Glen Conway

              In terms of the Reports view, it seems you are correct.  If the first report is pinned, then the second report correctly displays the pin icon in an unpinned state.


              Now pin the HR Objects report tab, followed by running the SCOTT Objects report:


              But if I do not pin HR Objects, then run SCOTT Objects I get what you describe:



              But note the tiny, faint icon to the left of the green triangular Run button. That is all that shows up of the "Pin" icon.  Minor bug that apparently never got fixed, at least not in the Reports view.  A corollary to this issue is that once pinned, an old report tab cannot be unpinned after running a subsequent report. (Edit: which I guess actually makes sense since unpinning an older report would be equivalent to just closing it). So definitely room for a little more UI improvement here.


              If you can find those original "messages about the (red) pin not working in SQL Dev", please post one or two here for a more complete history of the issue.