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    SELECT privileges with Data Reporter 2.3.3


      I've installed Apex and Data Reporter 2.3.3. I've imported some sample data to the workspace schema and even added a 2nd schema to the workspace. I can build reports using the tables from these 2 schemas. <small win.> Even at this point, it seems I had to whitelist the specific tables in order to use them in a report.

           Question 1: Can the whitelist mechanism be turned off? If so, how?


      The workspace owner schema was granted a database role that has select on a bunch of different database schemas' objects. I can query the objects using SQL Workshop:SQL commands when I use a fully qualified table name, ie

           select * from scott.cat_food_table;


      ... but I can't see the SCOTT schema or specify the FQ table name in the whitelist 'add table/view' dialog. And the exact same sql query doesn't work in the data sources, add data source screens. (ORA-00942: table or view does not exist.)

           Question 2:  Can I add a non-parsing schema object to either the whitelist (if it can't be turned off) or the add data sources screens? If so, how?


      fyi - I'm not looking for work-arounds (like creating a view with the workspace owner). I'm the DBA for the database instance and I'd like to take advantage of the database roles and privileges we've already built.