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    hotel mobile

    Ayman Rashed



      we need to install hotel mobile in our testing server in office for testing & demo purpose ,

      is it mandatory to have external SSL for this testing environment or we can use self sign SSL just for testing



      Ayman Rashed

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          Hi Ayman,


          My apology for the late reply. Yes, it is mandatory to use external SSL certificate even for testing environment. Otherwise, you cannot lo in to the app.



          Kind regards,



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            Erwin van der Zon

            Hi Ayman,


            It depends on what you want to test. If you just want to verify communications or test from a windows platform it's not mandatory to use an external certificate. You can install the selfsigned certificate from the RestAPI server on the Windows device you are using for the Hotel Mobile App. If the url can open without errors the Hotel Mobile app should work too.


            But if you want to test all devices you'll need an external SSL certificate because installing a self signed certificate on a iOS device is not so easy and a external SSL certificate is much easier.


            Regards Erwin