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    Item Import Enhancments make it Unusable for Master Org Update


      There have been two "enhancements" that have made the item import (INCOIN) process unusable in 12.2.8 as compared to 12.0.6.


      • First enhancement - When the master organization is updated, old functionality was that only attributes controlled at the master level would update the child organizations.  In 12.2.8, even if an update is done to an organizational level attribute, an import record is programmatically created for all child orgs - copying the master level attributes from the master and org level attributes from the child org.  Not sure exactly when this changed.
      • Second enhancement - a validation was added in 12.1 (2314320.1) to only update active orgs.


      This all sounds well and good, doesn't it?  But take this situation.  We've been running Oracle EBS for 9 years.  We have five deactivated inventory organizations.  Buyers come and go - the buyers that were active on the items when the organizations were disabled are now no longer with the company.  So what happens when I attempt to update my master item for any attribute?  Complete failure.

      I cannot update the master org item because it triggers an update to the child org item and the child org's buyer is invalid.

      I cannot update the invalid buyer on the child org directly because the org is disabled.



      SR with oracle and the answer is that this is working as designed.  The only work-arounds I've found are fairly distasteful.  1) do a direct update to the table for the disabled child org to remove the offending values  (definitely not an Oracle recommended solution) or 2) continually re-enable the disabled child orgs so that we can do updates to the master and then disable them again.



      I need to be able to update my item master and with the current functionality, I cannot do so programmatically.  How are people working around this issue?