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    Behaviour of Public Database Links/Public synonyms in Multi tenant architecture

    Sada V

      Hi Gurus,

      I need little help in this knowledge area of Multi tenant architecture of Oracle Database R12.2.


      In our organization we have not implemented this architecture yet. 

      I have few questions lingering in my mind about:


      1.What happens to Public Database links. Suppose if I clone a PROD Database to QA/DEV, does the

        Public Database links are also cloned.  When they are cloned, how I can handle them in

        QA/DEV environment. Those links still point my PROD database ?


        Can I clone PROD Database to QA/DEV/someother DB,  everything with the exception of like Public Database Links/

        Public synonyms


      2.What happens when using public synonyms in pluggable databases?  Do other databases see those objects?


      3.What are advantages/disadvantages using pluggable databases.


      Please help me.  Thanks in advance