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    Facing issue in customizing MFS MultiPlatform App


      Issue statement:


      We need to customize MFS (Mobile Field Service) Multi Platform App and make some changes by pulling additional fields in the Workorder report which are currently not available in the Standard report. We are facing issue in fetching certain columns which are not defined in Std views/tables of CSM schema (like Service requeest charges details) which we require to display in the report.


      Steps Performed:


      Oracle provided a custom file named customCode14May2019, giving the way to fetch details from CSM schema with the help of Select query. We tried to incorporate both the steps recommended in the last update of the SR.


      1. Upload the customcode.txt file to custom code select the type ”Application”. Here onReportLoadHook will be called once user clicks on Report screen. Here the custom code prepare JSon CUSTDATA this will be available under “reportData” object in step 2.


      2. During the custom report format where you are accessing reportData object look for “CUSTOM” reportData.CUSTOM (like reportData.LABOR or reportData.NOTES) , print/log all of reportData in file csm5htmt.txt (html file where in the coding of the Workorder report is done). You will find that what all information you passed/returned from onReportLoadHook hook on step 1 are appended to reportData and are available to be rendered in the file csm5htmt.txt


      But even after incorporating both these steps, we are facing below issues in getting the custom field details in the report.

      1. The query provided in customcode is not working and is throwing the below error message:

      Query: "select SERVICE_NAME from csm_contr_headers h , csm_tasks t, CSM_TASK_ASSIGNMENTS a where h.incident_id = t.source_object_id and t.task_id = a.task_id and a.task_assignment_id = " + taskassignid

      and we are getting the below error:

      Error: "get_records : SQL Error: SQLite Exception: no such column: undefined."

      2. Unable to display the required columns through csm5htmt.txt File by referring object reportData.CUSTOM.

      3. We can see that the query written in the customcode is referring to view csm_contr_headers, which is not existing with the same name in oracle, there exists view with the name csm_contr_headers_v at oracle end, but referring this view in customcode is throwing an error "No such table/view exists". So what is link between these two views.

      4. Can someone please help us understanding the sync between oracle ERP DB and SQL Lite server where in the data is getting refreshed.

      5. We are unable to establish a link between csm5htmt.txt and customcode.txt, to display the data which is being pulled with the help of query in customcode in csm5htmt.txt file. It would be really helpful if someone can provide some sample files for pulling the details from oracle ERP tables using custom query and displaying the related columns in workorder report.





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