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    .Pag and .ind files unaccountable increase


      Hi all,


      We have some issue with different environments.


      After execution of full aggregation script (simple AGG comand without CLEARBLOCK EMPTY command) there is an increase in the number and size of .pag and .ind files exponentially doubled (every time after full aggregation script), but the number of exisitng blocks stays the same.

      Database restructure doesn't help - .excess .pag and .ind files don't removed after restructure.

      It happened unexpectedly (no EPMA changes, no business rules changes and modifications).


      Why can this happen?




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          If the number of blocks are not increasing and a full dense restructure is not reducing the size then maybe it is related to the patch version.

          If you are on there have been 31 patches, some bugs fixes like the following could be related:

          "27868224 - In some cases, page files increase with repeated calculation script executions of the same script."


          Also have a search in Oracle support, search on variations like "Essbase database growing", read the articles.