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    EBS 12.1.3 port 8000 does not listen


      EBS 12.1.3




      Hi ALL,


      We have cloned of PROD instance on a new server as DEV instance.

      Then we were able to start our EBS DEV instance  (both apps and db)  successfully. ( status is all  0).

      I can see port 1521 is up and listening, but 8000 is not

      I have added both ports in iptables.


      I can telnet port 1521  but not port 8000.



      Please help....



      Kind regards,


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          David Heisler-Oracle

          What error does the start script display?  What is in the logfile for the startups?  Could be a link to a library missing on the target.

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            Hi jc,


            Please review the following section from the 12.1 installation doc regarding the missing libdb.so.2:


            OS Library Patch for Oracle HTTP Server (on Oracle Linux 5, RHEL 5, Oracle Linux 6, RHEL 6, Oracle Linux 7 and RHEL 7 only)


            Oracle E-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.1.1) for Linux x86-64 (Doc ID 761566.1)




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              Thanks Michael and David,


              Yes I was just close minded and biased when I saw that adstartall log returns status 0 , below:


              [Service Control Execution Report]

              The report format is:

                <Service Group>            <Service>                                 <Script>         <Status>


                Root Service                                                                          Enabled

                Root Service               Oracle Process Manager for PROD_etstapps  adopmnctl.sh     Started

                Web Entry Point Services                                                              Enabled

                Web Entry Point Services   Oracle HTTP Server PROD_etstapps          adapcctl.sh      Started

                Web Entry Point Services   OracleTNSListenerAPPS_PROD_etstapps       adalnctl.sh      Started

                Web Application Services                                                              Enabled

                Web Application Services   OACORE OC4J Instance PROD_etstapps        adoacorectl.sh   Started

                Web Application Services   FORMS OC4J Instance PROD_etstapps         adformsctl.sh    Started

                Web Application Services   OAFM OC4J Instance PROD_etstapps          adoafmctl.sh     Started

                Batch Processing Services                                                             Enabled

                Batch Processing Services  OracleConcMgrPROD_etstapps                adcmctl.sh       Started

                Batch Processing Services  Oracle Fulfillment Server PROD_etstapps   jtffmctl.sh      Started

                Other Services                                                                        Enabled



              ServiceControl is exiting with status 0


              (I just wish Oracle should not put above status 0 if apache has error?)


              But when I  checked carefully apache log it has this is error:

              Apache/bin/httpd:error while loading shared libraries libdb.so.2


              And the solution is just  to  add link:

              The soft link libdb.so.2 is missing

              Create as root:

              ln -s /usr/lib/libgdbm.so.2.0.0 /usr/lib/libdb.so.2




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                Hi jc,


                The supported resolution to this issue on OEL and RHEL is to install the OS patch for httpd per the 12.1.1 Installation doc. The libdgbm soft link trick was for 11i on SLES.


                The OS patch is just unzip and copy libdb.so.2 to /usr/lib.




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                  Thanks  Michael,


                  Yes, I remember done that previously a year+ ago, but forget again for this new provisioned server in OCI.

                  I should check always Doc ID 761566.1