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    Change Query behind Handler


      I have a current setup defined like this



          p_module_name    => 'emp_data',

          p_pattern        => 'emp/',

          p_method         => 'GET',

          p_source_type    => ORDS.source_type_collection_feed,

          p_source         => 'SELECT name from emp',

          p_items_per_page => 500);


      This setup is working fine and i have a number of Clients setup


      Now, I want to change the query mentioned in p_source parameter to  SELECT name,dept_id from emp

      What is the best way to achieve it? I could not find any API to update handler or service so that query can be changed.


      If i remove all the ORDS setups and do the setup again, the relevant role gets revoked from all the existing Clients which i do not want.