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    Dynamic file naming convention in Eloqua Data Import

    Debiprasad Dey

      Hi All,


      We came came across few user case where the requirement was to place multiple files in SFTP location to be imported to Eloqua Contact or CDO, the current functionality restricts user to maintain fixed file name for example "TD_Contact_Import.csv"  or "TD_OrderDetails_CDO_Data.csv", let's assume these files are available in SFTP server and Eloqua Auto synch or Data Import jobs will read and import the data to Eloqua. But the problem is until the last file is processed and removed from SFTP location the new file cannot be placed, which make same file name availability exception in source end.


      What I am willing to have a feature in Eloqua is,system will allow files to be read from a file path, may be the directory in SFTP location with dynamic file name, for example as shown below


      File Name :  TD_Contact_Import_*.csv

      Expected file name : TD_Contact_Import_1.csv or TD_Contact_Import_2.csv or TD_Contact_Import_3.csv or we can have date timestamp appended at the end of the file if required.


      I found the same feature available in other marketing tools...which is pretty nice to have....