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    Modifying the Cloud-based OTBI metadata (RPD)


      I have inherited a cloud-based OTBI system (e.g. https://abcdefg-dev.fa.us1.oraclecloud.com/...).  Current version is 13 (19B).  Although I have a decade of experience with all portions of traditional OBIEE, this is my first time to touch OTBI.  The contractors who set up the system left no documentation.  I need to make modifications to the metadata (RPD). 


      1. In this cloud-based OTBI environment, do we have the ability to modify the RPD using the BI Admin Tool? 

      2. If so, how do we find and download/upload that RPD?  Do we use datamodel.cmd, or is there some other method of finding the RPD? 

      3. If using datamodel.cmd, how can we find (or reset) the WLS user name and password (we know neither of them) for the -U and -P parameters?