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    OXI server SSL certificate on Opera V5.5+

    Ninan John

      Dear Team,


      We are implementing SSL certificate SHA-2 cipher using IIS Reverse Proxy setup for Opera V5.4+ and the same is followed with Opera V5.5. We are aware that now with Opera V5.5+ this method is not required and can be done through JKS tool.


      Is their any documentation available in Beehive or Oracle site to download?


      Please advise.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Erwin van der Zon

          Hi Ninan,


          I believe the procedure to replace the SSL certificate on a Opera 5.5 server is documented in the installation documentation which is in the download of the installation media (OPERA 5.0.5.xx Forms 11g Application Server Installation R3.docx page 40-44) but personally i still prefer to use the IIS Reverse Proxy even with Opera 5.5. 


          Using the Reverse Proxy you can limit the allowed requests easier to only accept requests for the OXIServlets. For Example if you replace the rewrite rule with *Operajserv/OXIServlets/PMSInterface* instead of *Operajserv* you prevent all other unwanted requests, changing or adding a binding port is easier, etc etc.


          For small installations i didn't install a complete Opera Application server for publishing the OXI url, i just installed the IIS Reverse Proxy on a light webserver and point it to the Opera Server with the above restriction and restricting the source ip address.


          Regards Erwin