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    Sending secure E-Mails using APEX_MAIL fails with ORA-29019: The protocol version is incorrect.



      Sending secure E-Mails using APEX_MAIL from an Apex application fails with the error message "ORA-29019: The protocol version is incorrect".
      On the other hand sending an email using UTL_SMTP is successful. In both cases we use the same SMTP settings.


      We are using a Mail Server of Amazon Workmail/SES, and we configured these parameters under instance settings - Email:


      SMTP Host Address: email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
      SMTP Host Port: 587
      SMTP Authentication Username: UserName
      SMTP Authentication Password: Pw
      Use SSL/TLS: Yes
      Default Email From Address: mail@example.com
      Maximum Emails per Workspace: 1000


      We created a Wallet and added required certificate. Under instance settings - Wallet we set:

      Wallet Path : file:C:\....
      Wallet Password: Pw


      We use Oracle Database 18c Express Edition Release and Application Express


      Can someone please assist us to get this working. Any help is appreciated.