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    Getting below error while booting up Tuxedo


      Facing below database login error for few of my servers in Tuxedo


      122451.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0: 05-30-2019: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit

      122451.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting

      122451.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0: ck_KenanCodes.c@458: CUST SERVER: 2

      122452.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0: ck_KenanCodes.c@466: Error initializing BP/API database connection

      122452.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0:      : Exception: ck_CATALOG_DATABASE_LOGIN_FAILED

      122452.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0:      :   Message: sw_Dictionary: (ExceptionItem):

          sw_ByteArray: "BSD_APPNAME" = sw_ByteArray: "Bali"

          sw_ByteArray: "BSD_EN" = sw_ByteArray: "Unable to login to catalog database."

          sw_ByteArray: "BSD_TEXTID" = sw_Int: 65

      122452.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0:      : Traceback: Exception ck_CATALOG_DATABASE_LOGIN_FAILED thrown from Function: init_db_and_logs File: ck_ArborCommon.c Line: 387

        From TRY Block Function: init_db_and_logs File: ck_ArborCommon.c Line: 174

        From TRY Block Function: tpsvrinit File: ck_KenanCodes.c Line: 463

      122452.KENTUXD226!ck_KenanCodes.25554.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed


      Can someone help out with this???