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    Oracle Reports Developer 2000


      In Reports Developer, if you have 2 queries with similar columns selected and you don't name them differently Oracle developer with automatically append a 1, or 2, etc at the end of the name.

      Is there any option to turn this feature off?  Its causing problems because when the name is referenced in program units, if the query is modified , it will change the column names from  name1 to name2 and back to name1 , everytime you make a modification.

      Is there a way to get it to stop doing this?  Once the name is set at Name1  what's the purpose of changing it to Name2 and then back to Name1 again.

      The reason why I believe  there is an option somewhere to turn this off, is because this is happening on some machines, and not happening on others.  So it must be a setting that some have turned on and some have turned off.


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          Zlatko Sirotic

          I do not believe there is a parameter that can change that.

          If there is a difference in behavior on different PCs, it may be the consequence of different versions of Reports Builder.

          But the solution is simple: do not allow Report to determine the suffixes 1, 2 ... for the columns.

          Instead, provide the prefixes for column names, such as the name of the table or the name of the query, etc.