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    How to Define the Scheduling Information To Make An ODI Scenario Run Daily, Repeated Periodically During A Time Frame?



      An Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Scenario has been scheduled to run on a Scheduler Agent every day from 8 AM to 05 PM, as follows:

      • On the "Definition" tab:
        • Status has been set to "Active for the period", every day between 8:00:00 AM to 05:00:00 PM.
        • Execution has been set to "Simple", starting with 8:00:00 AM.
      • On the "Execution Cycle" tab:
        • Repetition has been set to "Many times"
        • The interval between Repetitions has been set to 2 Hour(s).

      However, the Scenario keeps running after the period has elapsed. Why are the "Active for the period" settings ignored?


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