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    How to solve invalid object name recorded by OATS Open Script 13.2 in Forms 12c?



      using OATS Open Script

      testing Oracle Forms

      Java 1.8 build 202 (32 and 64 bit installed)

      Windows Server 2012 R2



      object identification working differently for Forms 12c comparing to Forms 11g testing. In Forms 11g test script was reflecting object names as they were created during development; when recording in Forms 12c object names are being replaced with (example):


      "forms.window(229, "//forms:window[(@name='ExtendedFrame8')]")

      forms.button(232, "//forms:button[(@name='VButton85')]").click();"


      Recorded script is failing during playback due to object name is not found. Changing object names to the correct ones in the script does not help.


      Expected result: script is recorded with correct object names and it's possible to playback.


      Any ideas, guys? Could it be a compatibility problem (didn't find any relevant info from web)?