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    How to remove space after the last record


      I am using a SQL Loader concurrent program to load a  data from data file.  I am using #EOR# string as an end of the record marker  in order to handle CR and LF in the column data.  All my data loading fine . However at the end of the file ( after the last record)  there is a white space (CR or LF) . This space is going as a record and the SQL loader discard.  As a result I get a warning in Concurrrent program . Even though I do not lose any data, this warning is annoying. How can I handle this in Oracle Control File?  Please help.  sample given below


      column one   Columntwo    #EOR#

      3434              customer 1   #EOR#

      4544              customer 2   #EOR#

      6565              customer 3   #EOR#

      space.....space...space ....