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    ReferTo message not found


      We are having issues with receiving RosettaNet acknowledgment messages in Oracle B2B.


      The collaboration ID/conversation ID on the acknowledgement doesn't completely match the CID of the outgoing message.


      For example

      CID on outgoing message: PIPAC133D5E16B26CBDA12000001D508CC9

      CID on ACK message:       118168293-%%-PIPAC133D5E16B26CBDA12000001D508CC9-%%-Broker


      As you can see, the CID's are the same but there is extra "padding" on the CID of the ACK message.


      This is causing an error (below) in the B2B console as the ACK doesn't correlate to the original message. It is also causing the original message to go into MSG_ERROR state:


      Machine Info: (mainserver1x) Description: ReferTo message not found.
      ReferTo message not found.