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    Load testing for ODI

    Rajneesh S-Oracle

      Hello All,


      I need to perform load testing for Batch/ETL load run using ODI as ELT server. I guess my approach should be to test load run performance and behavior for number of concurrent & parallel threads and for varying data volumes and will need to gradually increase the load (data volume and concurrent parallel threads).  Need your opinion if this is right approach to perform load testing  for ETL load run. I will welcome to any other Idea and suggestions as well. What should be planned number of concurrent threads /parallel sessions to start with. More over what should be projected number of parallel session. Any guess how many maximum, average and minimum parallel sessions are recommended as for current Industry standards in data warehousing.



      Rajneesh Shukla

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          This is dependency on database instance like singe node or multinode or RAC type installation.Based on the network processecing bytes of data.

          increase the number of parallel session/threads configuration settings.

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            Marco Fris

            Rule #1 in performance testing: specify your goal, and actually stop when you reach it.


            Many of us enjoy performance tuning, and in itself, that is never finished: there are always bits that can go faster. Therefor, without respecting Rule #1 the amount of time spent on performance work could be massive, with little practical benefit to show for it.


            So, start with your goal. Make it practical, and don't look too far ahead. A year is good, 4 years isn't. Try to end up with something like 'ETL should fit within an X hour batch window, even when volumes increase by Y%. Or 'Our near-RT jobs should be quick enough for them to run every minute'.


            As for the technical bits, that depends on your database, database versions, and the tools and skills you have access to. If on Oracle 11R2+, try and see if your organization has someone skilled enough to get auto DOP working properly as a first step.