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    Self check-in/ check-out Kiosk and SUITE8 integration

    Kristel Metsanurm

      Dear Team,


      We started to receive lot of self check-in/ check-out Kiosk interface/ connection requests with Oracle Hospitality SUITE8 in the Baltic States.

      One customer asks about the Interface between Speeron Kiosk and SUITE8 PMS. Do you know if Speeron has the official connection with SUITE8? I wasn`t able to find any Kiosk Interfaces with SUITE8 in docs.oracle.com.

      I have read the latest Suite8 Kiosk IFC specifications from March 2019, and there is written following - "The Kiosk Interface runs as a Socket Server in Fidelio Server. It uses a self- service technology and is currently approved with the Ariane Kiosk System, a self-check in system". As far as I understand this is not correct information anymore, since Ariane Interface with Suite8 is not re-cerified in Oracle and can`t be sold/ used now.


      We really need the solution for self check-in/ check-out possibility for our SUITE8 PMS customers, and therefore would appreciate if you can suggest us what solutions Oracle can provide for self check-in/ check-out.


      Thank you in advance for your kind reply!


      With kind regards,

      Kristel Metsanurm


      Baltic HRS