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    From Text Editor to SQL Developper issue


      Hi all,


      I have many SQL queries written on a text editor (Notepad++), and I want to valid them onto SQL Developper.

      But I get a problem. When I copy-paste a query from the text-editor, I have this issue:


      The uppest and lowest line are in French as I use the french software:

      The first line: "ORA-00911: invalid character"

      The last line "Error on line 23, column 1". This line corresponds to the first line after the "FROM table_name"


      When I write the same query manually on SQL Developper Editor, it works well,so it seems like it is a coding problem between the two software.

      Do you know what I could do to avoid this issue? I don't want to rewrite everything on SQL Editor, and prefer to check by copy-paste.