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    How to extract GL data to provide to auditors?


      We're on EBS 12.2.5. Our auditors have requested data extracts of our Journal Entries, Trial Balance, Chart of Accounts, etc. Is there a standard way in Oracle EBS to do this? Any 3rd party tools?

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          Rob Heath


          I'm not aware of a "standard way" to do this.  I've always done it as you suggested with Trial Balance and Journal Reports.

          Regards Rob

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            J Reinhart

            Hi JJ-US,


            You may want to ask your auditors what they are looking for.   Your auditor may prefer Oracle standard reports, with proof they are unmodified, so they can make the assumption that if you are doing what all other standard users are doing, it's satisfactory.  In that case, the standard reports in GL should give them what they need.   Once in a while, auditors want confirmation of unexpected functionality, have reason to suspect the data on the standard reports, or find two standard reports that conflict, and they want basic data to be able to verify what the data really is.  In that case, you could offer to write SQL queries and run them while they observe.  In my experience, when we use a tool like OBIEE, Cognos, Discoverer, etc, it's actually harder because there are extra steps required by the auditors to prove the content of the reports, and that the reports haven't been modified.  (Yeah, auditors are suspicious, but to be fair, it is in their job description)


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