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    is service available on host of OBIEE cluster?

    Alex Sharkov

      Hi all

      We have 2 node OBIEE cluster. And we have roundrobin balancer

      One day we notice that:

      1. all services on node's up and running. I get status.sh and see all service RUNNING

      2. I get report from user's that they cannot login into OBIEE

      3. I have direct link to every node by http..so i go directly to Node1 & Node2  and notice - I can NOT get logon page to one node. NO HTTP connect!

      4. I restart problem node  and now it's OK


      Balancer fellow's ask me:

      "Can you give us url which balancer can use for solution: is service up or not?"

      Indeed.. which url i can use for monitor by HTTP OBIEE ? Is url can give me information about service healthy?


      Seems to be I cannot use any url which return any static content.