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    sqldeveloper remote debugging package body limit


      I have the question about remote debugging PL-SQL code using sqldeveloper. What is the size limit of the package body to be able to carry out debugging. I spent a lot of time finding the reason why remote debugger does not catch the breakpoint, and the only explanation I found was the size of the package body. I tried remote debugging in 2 packages- one with 20398 lines of code and the other 1915 lines of code .. i.e. 10 timer smaller, and while in the smaller package remote debugging works as expected, in the larger one .... breakpoints set are ignored and I am not able to debug.


      The sizes go like that


      SELECT * FROM user_object_size

      WHERE name in ...............



      My sqldeveloper version, I run DB inside docker, but do not think that might be the problem cause I am able to initiate and carry out debug session in both cases from inside the docker.