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    sqldeveloper in oracle 19.3c


      OS: Oracle Linux 7.6

      Oracle DB: 19.3c

      Virtual Box


      Question:  In Oracle 18c sqldeveloper useed to come pre-installed. I used to be able to start it by going to --> Oracle_Home--> sqldeveloper-->sqldeveloper--->bin--> ./sqldeveloper. 

                        In 19c, I doin't see ./sqldeveloper in bin, instead I am seeing the following 3 files:


                         README.md, sql, sql.exe


                      Any idea how I can start sqldeveloper?  I tried ./sql.exe  but I keep getting permission denied error, the owner is oracle:oinstall, and I am logged in as oracle.


            Thanks for your help.

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          We no longer ship SQL Developer with the database media, because:

          1. it's big
          2. we update it every 3 months
          3. most people already have sql developer


          So if you want to run it on the database server, you'll need to go to oracle.com/sqldeveloper, and download the right package


          The SQL binary you see there is for SQLcl.

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            Thanks for your kind reply and for your help.

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              I just watched your excellent youtube video on Oracle SQLcl Demonstration. You provided great details; this is what I understood: we can download SQLCl  and install on our pc/laptop and next we can connect to our oracle database without going through sqlplus or sql developer.  So why do we have sql.exe for SQLcl binary provided in oracle bin directory?  Are we able to use SQLcl while logged in to Oracle instead of using sqlplus? For example, if I am in my /u01 or in $ORACLE_HOME directory, can I use SQLcl ?


              I want to use SQLcl, but I only have virtualbox for testing, and I have access to RAC but that is on on RHEL.