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    Slowness in Data retrievals from HFM


      Hi All,


      We are on EPM HFM

      And suddenly from Feb, we noticed slowness during fetching data from HFM application.


      Observations are as below : -

      1) The Data retrievals from HFM are being very slow. Previously it would take only 1-2 Minutes It takes 8-9 mins to retrieve the data from all the entities and for all reports.

      2) We started to see the slowness since beginning of Feb this year. Earlier it was not that bad. We think that Network is the bottleneck.

      3) App server fetches at the speed of ~10 Mbps and the Total Bandwidth between those two servers is 10 Gbps. Not sure why it is not efficiently utilizing the bandwidth.

      4) Our test environment also has the issue with SV refresh. We have already tried (two weeks ago) with Cache values (MinDataCacheSizeInMB). There was not much improvement.

      5) How do we improve the transaction speed between HsvDataSource & DB especially for SV or Data grids refreshes?

      6) Do you think the slowness might be due to accumulation of temp files or logs?



      Thanks in Advance,