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    How do I move our LUN from our old SAN storage to our new one?


      We have been in development for a while, nothing is live yet but we are using our databases on our dev box for training.  we just received a brand new dell compellent(iSCSI) and we are on our old dell compellent(iSCSI) that is low on storage.  we want to move the LUN from the old compellent to the new without any interruption in service if possible...  Where do i start?  BTW I'm still learning the ropes for solaris and I have a s7-2 running Solaris 11 (5.11)

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          Ian Baugaard



          If you are intending to migrate LUNs that your databases reside on AND you're using ASM...it's easy! Below are the high-level steps


          • Zone the new LUN to your host and scan it in from an OS perspective
          • Add the new LUN/disk to your existing ASM diskgroup and drop the original LUN/disk
          • Wait for the rebalance operation to complete (Checking v$asm_operation)
          • Once it's done, the original LUN/disk can be removed from the host and your migration is complete


          If it isn't, unfortunately I can't really help too much


          Hope this helps