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    APEX Printed page titles


      Is there any way to change the title of a printed page?


      I haven't been able to find a method to change it from just the 'f' as shown below:


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          What do you mean by "printed page"? Print via the browser (e.g. Ctrl-P)?

          If so, that is not controlled by the application, but by your browser.


          Or do you mean the "f" in the browser tab? That is the Title of your page:


          Enter a title to display in the title bar of the browser window.

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            I don't mean ctrl+p.


            I mean a classic report printing option.


            So, when you allow printing for Classic reports and fill out this


            The page itself does have a name, the report has the file name. If you save it it does save as "NAME of the report.pdf" but the title of the html page is f.


            I don't know how to change that. Maybe there is an xslfo element I could embed in the report layout. Or something else. I just haven't been able to find an option to rename the title of the page from f