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    Oracle webcenter Portal: roadmap


      Hi, I'm currentlu using OWP in version 11 and I've seen Oracle Webcenter Portal has come to version Does anyone know if a white paper or info on the web exist with the roadmap of this product over the next years?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Daniel Merchán



          The following words aren't official of Oracle, are my personal view and sharing:


          The Oracle Fusion Middleware (including the Oracle WebCenter Suite) is not a strategic product for Oracle anymore. You will NOT find any official roadmap for it.

 will probably be the last "major" release and it will inlcude mostly bug fixing with small enhacements.


          Oracle Fusion Middleware is a mature and stable product that you can still use if you have them already in place. Upgrade your current versions to or 4 will bring you lot of benefits.


          For new projects I will not invest in Oracle Fusion Middleware and I will have a look into Cloud solution alternatives or other providers such as Liferay or Bloomreach which are evolving their DXP platforms.


          Kind regards.

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            Thanks for your answer, Daniel; actually the customer we are working for already use OWP and will be hardly willing to migrate to a new software.


            What kind of benefits are you referring to when talking abot migrating OWP to 12C?




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              Daniel Merchán



              If you are going to continue in WCP then the migration gives you:


              • Support, probably you are very close or using a version which will not be supported soon. We are living in a moment where Continous Integration and updates should be applied for many reasons, one of them security. Being behind on releases / patches can make your system vulnerable also.
              • Better performance
              • New Document Management capabilities aligned with Oracle WebCenter Content
              • ADF12c as base framework offering better responsive capabilities.
              • REST integration in WCP and in ADF.
              • much more...


              Kind regards.