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    MWA MainPickPage customization - error


      Dear All,


      Currently we are customizing MainPickPage to add new fields. As part of this customization followed the process below:


      1) Created custom path in JAVA_TOP folder to place all the extended class files.

      2) Update the table entries MWA_CLASS_CUSTOM_FILES

      3) Extended MainPickPage class and called super() in constructor, page Entered and Page Existed methods.

      4) In extended class we initialized Lov and Buttons. ( few blogs it is mentioned that we need to re-initialize the buttons and lov's to work properly.) 

      5) While returning from Load Page to Item details page  "MainPickPage" is executing second time. In this "page Entered" method super()  method  will be called first and then custom code to re-initialize lov and button.

      6) While executing the super at page entered in second time ----> "LOAD.DROP" button  in finalizeUI() method throw  "null pointer exception.


      while finding the root cause , In "MainPickPage" class method finalizeUI() method throwing exception while executing "LOAD.DROP' Button.   We tried with multiple options but no luck.


      Any suggestions Or work around to resolve this issue.


      Thank you in advance.