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    How to navigate to a region on a page directly


      I'm using APEX 18.2. I have an existing page with a list displayed as tabs on top of the page and clicking each tab sets the page item value, which in turn used to display appropriate region on the page.  Now, this page has to be accessed from a URL sent in the email. I've included the following url in the email, so that user can click on the link to go to page 8 and "summary" tab region in the page should be displayed. If the "P98_TAB_OPTION" in the url  is "details", then details region on the page should displayed. But, clicking the link from email throws an error. any are ideas are appreciated, thanks for your help.








      No checksum was provided to show processing for a page that requires a checksum when one or more request, clear cache, or argument values are passed as parameters.

      Contact your application administrator.



      Technical Info (only visible for developers)

      is_internal_error: true


      component.type: APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES