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    SQL Developer not starting Windows 10


      Hello guys,


      i have searched and have not found the solution to my Problem and do not what to do, as if i have tryed anything i knew.


      I want to use the sqldeveloper on Windows 10 with 64 Bit.


      I downloaded the right Zip-file (sqldeveloper for 64 Bit with JDK 8), extracted it into a new Folder (did it on the Windows Partition and non Windows Partition, no difference) and wanted to start it.


      A Window appears and the blue bar starts to grow with the Headline "loading data" it goes like that for a few seconds. After that the Window instantly disappears and Nothing more is Happening.


      I tryed to change the msvcr100.dll in the JDK8/bin-Folder as it is recommended by ORACLE when it is not starting, but it does not help.


      I hope, you can guys can help my out, because i Need this for the University.


      English is not my mother tongue, so i am sorry for mistakes! I hope, you understand my Problem.



      Best regards



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          Glen Conway

          First off, you need to see what kind of error message the crash / disappearance is producing.  To do that...

          1. Open a Cmd window.

          2. CD to your SQL Developer installation's sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin directory.

          3. Run .\sqldeveloper.exe


          You should see some messages.  The two most common scenarios:

          1) If the Java Virtual Machine is crashing, it could be Java not interacting well with your machine's video driver version. Try updating it.

          2) Corrupt user settings (for 19.1, C:\Users\<yourID>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system19.  Delete the dir and try again.


          If it is the lack of a msvcr100.dll on your PATH, or some old, incorrect version, put a copy of the one from the bundled JDK in a directory included first in your PATH variable.



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            Hello Glenn!

            You made me happy again!

            The Drivers were all up to date, but the second step was the winner!

            I really thank you!


            have a good evening!