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    Tabular form "data is too old" in APEX 19 after validation error


      I'm working with a tabular form developed in APEX 5.1.4, DB 11g Enterprise, and installed in APEX 19.1, DB 18c Express.


      The tabular form is supposed to validate the rows, report errors in a notification box upper right of page, and leave the rows in place so user can correct the ones necessary.  This works fine in 5.1.


      In 19.1, if there are no errors, the data processes correctly, and the updated rows are still displayed.  If there are any validation errors, the validation errors are displayed as they should be, referring to the row numbers in error, but the rows are not re-displayed.  Instead, I get this error:

      Current tabular form data is too old; the source data has been modified.

      Click here to discard your changes and reload the data from the database.

      Is there a new setting in the page or tabular form attributes to prevent this behavior and return to the way the tabular form works in 5.1?