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    Use of &DEBUG. in classic reports




      this is a fairly specific situation but I wondered if anyone could tell me if this is a bug in Apex 18 or not?


      I've created a non-authenticated test case for this, i.e. https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=130618:1


      You start by creating a module which opens a modal dialog. The way this has to work is that module opens the dialog by means of a simple after processing branch going to "Page or URL (redirect)" which points to a page item that contains the URL to go to. In my case, it's &P0_TEST. This page has a before header process which sets P0_TEST to be a simple URL with &DEBUG. in it, i.e.


      :p0_test := apex_util.prepare_url('f?p=130618:2:&SESSION.:INITIALISE:&DEBUG.');


      The modal dialog page must have a classic report with PPR set to No but with pagination links (next/prev) defined. When you call the modal dialog, it then has next/previous of the following form:


      <a href="javascript:apex.navigation.dialog.close(true,function(pDialog){ apex.navigation.dialog('f?p=130618:2:107037477076536:pg_R_19030349021216854028:\u0026DEBUG.:::\u0026pg_min_row=4\u0026pg_max_rows=3\u0026pg_rows_fetched=3\u0026p_dialog_cs=zLvU5pcXVjAvBzBX6wxc8j7vJSVLEkNscaSIVaWpL0wdiEBET4Vur5vqC2TIvlgHKcQir8REL3-OlNyHJ-IfcA',{title:'TEST DIALOG',height:'auto',width:'720',maxWidth:'960',modal:true,dialog:pDialog},'t-Dialog-page--standard '+'',apex.jQuery('#R19030349021216854028')); });" class="t-Button t-Button--small t-Button--noUI t-Report-paginationLink t-Report-paginationLink--next">

        Next<span class="a-Icon icon-right-arrow"></span>



      Notice the bit in bold, the &DEBUG. has not been resolved (although &SESSION. has) and will mean that the request when you click the pagination links will be of the form




      and this will fail with mod_plsql's strict validation.


      So, is this a bug or is &DEBUG. not supported to be resolved when using it in this way?