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    Which authorization method should be granted for the Session List in Operator (ODI 12c)?




      I'm trying to create a new security profile in the Oracle Data Integrator v12. by duplicating and modifying the existing NG_CONSOLE profile. The goal is to have access for the specific Load Plans and be able to execute them and see the execution log in the Operator tab.

      I was able to give execution access by enabling the Execute method in the Load Plan of the Authorization section in new Profile and drag and drop necessary Load Plans to the newly created user.

      But my problem is that the user can't see the executions of the Load Plans run that he initiated in the Session List of the Operator tab. When I try to set the additional OPERATOR profile to this user then he is able to see all executions, but that is the generic profile and I want to restrict the execution for only several Load Plans. I've also tried to compare OPERATOR profile with the new profile and set the same method privileges that OPERATOR has but still can't activate the Session List visibility.

      Can someone help me and point to a specific method that should be enabled to activate the Session List?


      Thank you!