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    How to Apply Singapore Consolidated Patch - SG.43 No


      Hello Experts ,


      How to Apply Singapore Consolidated Patch - SG.43 No on R12.2.6  .


      1. Do I need to apply this using adop  ?

      2. After Running this should run hrglobal.drv ?

      3. What if we already ran this before , do we need to run again?



      As per Read me :


      Instructions For Applying This Patch


      Execute the following command to generate your instance specific installation




      1. Source the Applications environment file

      2. Run the Patch Application Assistant by entering "admsi.pl".



      The generic instructions for this patch are:



      Preparation Tasks


      The tasks in this section can be completed without taking any Applications

      services or users offline.



      Finishing Tasks


      You may complete the tasks in this section at any time after the update,

      without taking any services or users offline.



      1. Latest legislation data update (Hrglobal installation) [required]

      NOTE: This is applicable for HR Legislative customers only.


      Instruction for applying HRMS Legislative Data (hrglobal.drv)


      1. Required Code levels [required]

      This patch requires additional code levels to have been successfully

      applied to your system before it can be applied.  These code levels,

      as at the time that this patch was built, are listed below.  Please check

      'My Oracle Support' to determine if any of these have been superseded


         * 12.2.3

         * R12.AD.C.delta.9

         * R12.ATG_PF.C.delta.6

         * R12.HR_PF.C.delta.10

         * R12.TXK.C.delta.9