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    PeopleSoft FS031 Generating UK XML VAT Return



      BUG 28950367Enhanced VAT reporting process by supporting UK VAT digital XML file generation for electronic transmission.Global Components


      PeopleSoft FS031 FSCM

      VAT Reports Page

      The UK Digital VAT Return checkbox and Map ID are new fields on the VAT Reports page.

      The below processes are available to run.


      • VAT Transaction Report (LC_RPT_VAT)
      • XML file for UK ESL reporting (LC_ESL_XML )
      • XMLP: UK VAT Return (VATX1005)


      Question: The XMLP: UK VAT Return (VATX1005) (unlike the LC_RPT_VAT and LC_ESL_XML) does not have as delivered an XML format option.  Are there users in the community who have successfully generated a UK VAT Return XML file in FS031?