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    QEMU does not support SEV feature


      I am using Oracle linux 7.6 with enabled repository UEK5.

      I have QEMU installed from repository:


      Name        : qemu-kvm

      Arch        : x86_64

      Epoch       : 15

      Version     : 3.1.0

      Release     : 1.el7

      Size        : 0.0 

      Repo        : installed

      From repo   : ol7_developer_kvm_utils


      I installed Ubuntu 19.04 under QEMU, and managed to change config file of VM to enable AMD SEV


      When I launch virtual machine, I receive error:


      Domain ubuntu19.04 asked for 'sev' launch but this QEMU does not support SEV feature.


      How to solve this issue


      My rig has EPYC 7551 CPU



      Thank you