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    Migrating Password using AFPASSWD with Users not migrated

    Mary Grace Cruz

      Hi everyone,


      I migrated our EBS user passwords using AFPASSWD and the log shows "System was successfully converted to hash mode". However, the log also shows there are 12 users not migrated.   One of them is "INDUSTRY DATA" user(Active), it was created when we upgraded to R12.2.  The other 11 users still seem to have the old password value in encrypted_foundation_password column but has INVALID value in encrypted_user_password column in FND_USER table, these 11 users appears to be very old and terminated.  I would like to ask if it is okay to have users not migrated to new hash mode? Or what will be the effect of these or what to do with those users the did not get migrated?


      Thank you in advance.