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    Dear John Letter to DynDNS Users


      I started with EveryDNS many years ago and transitioned to DynDNS when EveryDNS was consumed.  I have several personal web domains that I used dynamic dns services for and got an email this morning from Oracle that essentially says that we are being turned off.  In looking at the very simple web site that has replaced the previous DYN site, I do not seem to find any comparable solutions that provide simple dynamic dns support for my host names.  Only premium services that are huge overkill (read EXPENSIVE) for a simple home user.  Am I missing something?  Like many large companies, the money part comes first and customer support comes second.  I tried asking a question to customer support and received a fully automated answer that had nothing to do with my question.  I'm curious what other long time EveryDNS/DynDNS users are doing in the face of the unfriendly news that I received this morning.  Too bad that commitments to current users are not being honored.  Oracle knew what they were buying and apparently are doing the corporate raider thing and just taking the stuff they like and trashing everything else...