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    Custom formatting the Procedure parameters and list of Values




      My current SQL Developer formatting formats functions/procedures arguments like the following




              'output message'



      Could you help me to format like below:



                                'output message');

      Also, my list of IN values should be in same line unless it is max line size. If it exceeds max line size, then break a line for each value. Parenthesis should start and end as above mentioned.


      I have attached my custom .arbori file.

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          Vadim Tropashko-Oracle

          As you have mentioned in the other thread, you want to align both procedure calls and declarations. The 18.4 amendment for removing indent in declarations is the same:




          | [node) privilege_audit_clause

          --| [node) parm_list_opt &  [node^) fml_part

          --| [node) prm_spec &      [node^) fml_part

          | [node) query_partition_clause --& [node^) analytic_clause



          Remove indentation of procedure arguments in similar fashion:



          | [node) alter_method_spec

          --| :breaksProcArgs & [node) arg & [node^) paren_expr_list & [node+1) arg_list

          --| :breaksProcArgs & [node) arg_list & [node^) paren_expr_list & [node-1) arg

          --| :breaksProcArgs & [node) ',' & [node^) arg_list & [node+1) arg



          Now, arguments in the declaration are aligned, but those in the call are not. Therefore:



            [predecessor) arg

          & [node) arg

          & predecessor)+1=[node





          I have enclosed the amended format program.