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    Bug: DDL Export to MSSQL 2012 ("Go" keyword)


      Hey guys,

      Encountered a bug when using Oracle Data Modeler to generate DDL for MSSQL 2012.


      MSSQL requires the "GO" keyword on a separate line.  Otherwise the DDL execution will fail.  More info here.


      Per DDL examples below...Oracle Data Modeler puts the GO keyword on a separate line for "CREATE TABLE" and calling stored procedures (OK there).  However, it does not for ALTER TABLE commands. 



      CREATE TABLE command is correct.   


      Stored procedure call is correct (this is just adding a comment to a field).


      However, "ALTER TABLE" command is incorrect.  This will fail if ran in MSSQL.



      Using the latest Data Modeler (ver  If this could get fixed, appreciated.