Missions not working? Again?

L. Fernigrini

    Hi, I believe I found another issue on the Missions and the points. Yesterday I got a correct answer and I was supposed to complete the "Database Guru" mission.


    Actually, the mission appears as "complete" on the Missions section of the Reputation tab on the profile, but when I click on the icon to get the requirements I see that the "Correct Answers" does not seem to be complete:



    Also, my Avatar is not shown on the recently completed list, as should appear:


    I did not get the 2000 points and the mission does not appear on the Activity list:



    Have someone else had problems recently with missions? Are they broke again?

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        J Reinhart

        The missions for being correct ,  helpful, or both in Oracle Applications haven't budged in quite a while; I thought perhaps they had been discontinued but left visible.  If they are intended to be active, it would be very nice to see them work, and see the points checked so that they are awarded to people who have earned them without receiving them.   The one flipped to the dark side in this screen shot is one example, but there are others in this forum that haven't moved.


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          Stefan Jager

          Yes, for quite a while now, a couple of months at least. My 100-helpful mission has been sitting on 96% since the last time we had points-challenges, and since then I've received quite a few helpful-marks on my posts. So I think since the last points issue, early this year, the missions have not been working.

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            Franck N

            Same here i have a couple of missions which has not budge for some months now. But anyway .....

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              Stefan Jager

              Also noticed how the icon of the message has changed since about 4 moths ago into the grey world cup thingy, where it used to be a red round icon. Something is definitely messed up on the back end.

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                L. Fernigrini

                Well, something happened and my mission got fulfilled... I received and additonal correct answer:



                Then the poster selected another answer as correct, but the mission remained fulfilled and the points stayed (but not the points from the answer, that at least seams OK):


                My avatar is shown and the requirements show both conditions as OK:



                Something definitively is not working OK...

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                  L. Fernigrini

                  And another weird behaviour, I selected some of the answers here as helpful but the points (10 points) do not appear ...



                  The one I marked yesterday gave me 10 points, but today nothing :-)

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                    J Reinhart

                    I'm really glad the badge came through for you; you had to have spent some significant effort to get that many helpful and correct, and it should be recognized.


                    Maybe (hopefully) one of the admins saw this discussion thread and they are working on fixing the issues?   Since your badge came through, but there is still the issue you mentioned below, maybe the fixes are still in progress.   Fingers crossed!




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                      Stefan Jager

                      not for me, there's no movement whatsoever in the missions ...

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                        Stefan Jager

                        Interesting. The red icon is back (for a single one at least), and now there is movement again in the "Extremely helpful in an OTN community" mission.


                        For a very long time this one (below) was stuck on 96%, despite receiving several Helpful marks, and now it's up to 97 again. Something (but not everything, see the list above: the Correctamunod still has the grey icon!) has been fixed it seems.


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                          J Reinhart

                          Glad you're seeing movement!   I haven't yet, but I have my hopes up because of people posting here to say theirs have.  Maybe someone is fixing the forum and its just a matter of time for the rest.





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                            Stefan Jager

                            Well, it's only the helpful mark that I got from L. Fernigrini on this thread. The correct-mark afterwards is still not counted towards any mission I think, but that might indeed mean that somebody is working on it and possibly has a fix. We can only hope, and ask for a bit more feedback (which would be nice.... hint hint nudge nudge wink wink Oracle!).




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                              Stefan Jager

                              Seems like it is only here in the community space that points are counted towards missions... received a Helpful in OTN-Database yesterday, but apart from the normal 50 points the Helpful mission has not changed a bit. Also the icon is back to the grey world-cup thingy instead of a red round icon.

                              So it is still broken from what I can see.

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                                You're not alone. Grey icons for the single OTN mission, no progress for the missions.


                                Edit: Just checked it, the MOSC missions show progress after receiving points for a correct answer.

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                                  J Reinhart

                                  Just wanted to say I see the same thing.  In OTN, points are awarded for helpful and correct, but the missions for number of helpful or correct don't progress.